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Tailored to Your Pet's Unique Needs

My maintenance massage is designed to cater to your healthy pet's needs, providing numerous benefits for puppies through senior dogs. These sessions help improve oxygen supply, increase circulation, relieve stubborn hypo- and hyper-tonic muscles, increase Range Of Motion, immune support, stimulate kidney and liver function, alleviate pain, stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System (the "rest and digest" system), and so much more. Rehabilitation massage, on the other hand, works in tandem with your veterinarian's treatment plan, focusing on healing and providing comfort for pets in need. Candidates for this service include animals weakened due to illness or injury, hospitalized pets, and shelter animals, among others. Lastly, I also offer Mini Maintenance and Rehab Massages for clients who need shorter, budget-friendly sessions. Rest assured; every moment of my massage will provide valuable benefits for your pet's well-being. With my expertise and love for animals, I'm here to help your pet thrive.

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